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Environmental control solutions for industrial corrosive environments
release time:2021.12.06source:admin


In the workshops of many industrial enterprises, large amounts of corrosive gases such as water vapor, hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. are generated during the production process. The interior of the workshop is highly humid and corrosive, especially sulfur dioxide and chlorine dioxide gas, which will generate highly corrosive sulfurous acid and chlorous acid when exposed to water. This acid is the direct culprit of corrosion and scrapping of the air-conditioning system. Corrosion of the air conditioner will cause the temperature of the electrical room to rise, which will affect the normal operation of electrical components and production equipment.

At present, most industries still use non-corrosive conventional commercial and civil air conditioners. The service life of such air conditioners in corrosive environments ranges from 6 to 18 months. The complicated maintenance and replacement have brought huge troubles and economic losses. 

The origin of Huikang anticorrosive air conditioner

In order to solve the above problems, our company has sent professional R&D personnel to stay in the factory for a long time to understand the site situation, and invited experts from the China Institute of Metal Corrosion and Protection to provide anti-corrosion solutions and technologies. After continuous research and experimentation for the anti-corrosion protection of heat exchangers, control systems, internal pipelines, etc. we successfully launched a dedicated anti-corrosion air conditioner in 2010.

Huikang anti-corrosion air conditioner takes into account the characteristics of strong corrosion from R&D, design, and selection of accessories. All key parts of the system adopt professional anti-corrosion treatment, and consider the electrical room as a high-temperature working area, and adopt a year-round refrigeration structure design. Through a large number of on-site use and long-term tracking in recent years, the company has learned from others' strengths and continuously improved and optimized. At present, the product quality is stable, the model is complete, and the anti-corrosion effect is effective. It has gradually been recognized by the market and has been well received by users! 

We use professional technology, pragmatic work attitude, accumulated practical experience, advanced anti-corrosion technology and perfect after-sales service system to tailor anti-corrosion air conditioning solutions for you. The Huikang industrial air conditioning after-sales service network covers all regions of the country, all days for you to relieve your worries.