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Combined Type Air Conditioner Unit customizable


Combined type air conditioner unit is designed and developed by our company based on American advanced air conditioning technology and according to the national standard of modular air-conditioning unit.

The unit can complete several processing functions in the functions of conveying, mixing, heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtering, noise reduction, etc. It does not have cold or heat sources, the refrigerant is water or steam, and the functional section is the combined unit. Users need any combination of sections, with diverse functions and flexible combinations, which can meet the needs of air purification and air conditioning systems in all walks of life. It is suitable for comfortable air-conditioning projects in large and medium-sized public buildings such as large industrial and mining enterprises, stadiums, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. 

Its characteristics are as follows:

Unit cabinet

1. The unit box is an integral frame structure and adopts a cold bridge design. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy strips. The aluminum alloy strips are covered with thermal insulation cotton, and the thermal resistance of the wall panels is far greater than 0.68 K/W. Effectively prevent the cold bridge phenomenon of the unit.

2. The inner and outer panels of the air conditioning unit are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel, and the surface of the galvanized steel is coated with electrostatic powder. Not only the overall image of the unit is noble, the panel has strong anti-corrosion ability, but also the surface of the panel has good self-healing properties and durability. It is also more than 2 times higher than ordinary galvanized steel sheet.

3. The panel insulation is produced by the internationally advanced environmentally friendly non-fluorine-free PU (polyurethane) high-pressure injection foaming technology. The overall strength of the panel is high, and the thermal conductivity of the insulation material is small.

4. The panel and the frame are firmly fixed, and the frame is not welded. All panels can be disassembled and the structural strength of other sections must not be affected. Reliable anti-cold bridge measures are taken between the panel and the frame; the panel and frame of the unit have high design strength, and can withstand long-lasting pressure distortion under the maximum static pressure required by the design, but can not produce permanent deformation; the sealant is made of silicon-free materials.


1. Modular design, reliable, concise and universal.

2. Various forms, with different levels of filters configured according to customer requirements. l


1. The coil adopts phosphorous deoxidized seamless red copper tube and surface acrylic resin treated aluminum foil fins, the coil frame is made of high-quality steel plate, and the coil header adopts seamless red copper steel pipe and is equipped with insulating flanges. The top of the coil is equipped with an exhaust valve, and the bottom of the coil is equipped with a drain valve.

2. The copper tube and aluminum foil are processed by mechanical tube expansion technology, the copper tube and the fin are tightly combined, the heat exchange efficiency is high, and the heat transfer is good. The high-quality steel frame has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

3. Each coil has passed the 30Kg nitrogen leak test. l

The water coil pipe connects to the water tray

1. The water receiving pan of the water coil pipe is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate, which has strong durability and is easy to clean.

2. The drain pan is designed as a slope to ensure timely and smooth drainage of condensed water.

3. The condensate tray is equipped with foamed polyurethane for heat preservation. At the same time, the outlet of the condensate pipe is more than 150 mm above the bottom of the equipment. The water tray in the unit has an inclination angle of 0.3%, which can effectively avoid water accumulation in the basin.


Electrode humidifier, wet film humidifier, far-infrared humidifier, high-pressure micro-mist humidifier, dry steam humidifier, etc. can be used; reliable performance, high adjustment accuracy, and easy installation.


The metal micro-perforated muffler is adopted, and the noise reduction level is one level, and the noise reduction amount is 10-15 dB (A).


1. The fan is specially equipped with vibration isolation device.

2. The blower motor adopts the international famous brand high-quality motor.

3. The outer rotor fan delivers uniform air and low noise.

4. There will be no foam drop caused by the belt drive mode. l

Insulation and sealing of the unit

In addition to the panel adopts PU (polyurethane) high pressure injection foam, the segment connection and board connection adopt B1 flame-retardant PE (polyethylene) foam material, and the wall panel and the box body are glued with sealing tape and frame Between the frame and the wall, the joints between the wall and the air valve, flange and other components are coated with sealant, which has strong anti-condensation ability, high heat preservation and low air leakage rate.

Additional configuration

According to customer requirements, it can be installed inside the unit: inspection lamp: 24V moisture-proof inspection lamp; pressure gauge: pointer pressure gauge; germicidal lamp: ultraviolet germicidal lamp; differential pressure gauge, etc... Convenient maintenance

The air conditioning unit is equipped with an access door. The insulation of the access door is PU (polyurethane) high pressure injection foam. The access door has a loose-leaf structure and can be locked; it facilitates the daily maintenance of the air conditioning unit. l

Working environment that the equipment conforms to

1. Power supply: air-conditioning unit working voltage three-phase 380V/frequency 50Hz/grounding resistance 0.5Ω.

2. The cold water supply and return temperature of the air conditioning system: 7/12℃; the hot water supply and return temperature: 60/50℃, and the common working pressure of the water coil is below 1.6MPa. l

The standard that the equipment complies with

1. The design and experiment of air conditioning units and accessories conform to the national standard "Modular Air Conditioning Unit GB/T14294-93".

2. The operation and commissioning of the air-conditioning unit complies with the "Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering GB 50243-2002". The noise of the air conditioning unit complies with "GB13326-91 Noise Limits for Combined Air Handling Units".


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