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Unitary Water Cooled Packaged Unit customizable


The unitary water cooled packaged unit is a new generation of air-conditioning products introduced by introducing the latest design achievements in Europe and the United States. It integrates the most advanced international and domestic design concepts and refrigeration accessories. Each model has been tested by the company's national laboratory. It has the reputation of beautiful appearance, superior performance, convenient installation and maintenance, stable and reliable. With a complete series of product forms and a wide range of models, it can meet the needs of various users and is widely used in various industrial fields such as steel, chemicals, food, clothing, and microelectronics.

Structure and performance characteristics

1. The unit adopts a plate and frame assembly structure, the frame (using 2.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate bending and spraying treatment), the outer shell is made of 1.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate bending and spraying treatment, and the inner wall is pasted with 15mm thick PE insulation material.

2. The compressor adopts a fully enclosed flexible scroll compressor of an internationally renowned brand.

3. The direct evaporative heat exchanger adopts high-quality and high-efficiency threaded copper tubes in series with aluminum fins, and the aluminum fins adopts a new type of high-efficiency louver shape, adopts two-fold flanging process, mechanical expansion, high heat exchange efficiency, and large cooling capacity, which improving the performance of the coil to remove condensate and heat exchange.

4. The air conditioning unit is equipped with an air filter, a double-layer nylon filter that can be washed, and the initial filtration efficiency (large weight method and 65% efficiency), which is quite convenient for disassembly and assembly.

5 .The air conditioning unit adopts a pressureless condensate basin design with a certain slope and no water storage. The drainage pipe determined according to the performance of the coil is wound with a diversion bend, and the drainage is smooth during operation, without overflow and leakage.

6 .The fan of the indoor unit of the air-conditioning unit adopts a high-efficiency, low-noise, maintenance-free direct-drive centrifugal fan. The high-performance motor brings high efficiency and low temperature rise, making the unit safer, stable and long-lived.

7. The air-conditioning unit adopts the internationally advanced third-generation water-cooled full-liquid high-efficiency tank condenser provided by a well-known domestic water-cooled heat exchanger manufacturer. It uses high-quality and high-efficiency threaded heat exchange copper pipes, which has the features of high heat exchange efficiency, low water resistance, high pressure and dirt resistance.

8. The air-conditioning unit controller adopts a microcomputer controller designed with a high-performance micro-processing chip. The anti-interference R485 communication interface improves the reliability of the controller and the performance of network connectivity. The optimized control logic enables the unit to realize safe unmanned and fully automatic operation.

9. The LCD control screen, graphic display, touch buttons, timing operation control, unit operation full-state parameter query, full-function fault alarm and fault diagnosis code display function, showing the high degree of mechanical and electrical integration of the unit, which can realize the unit's operation for users centralized monitoring and remote control.

10. The electrical equipment of the air conditioning unit adapts to the power supply: AC three-phase 380V/3~/50Hz and single-phase 220V/ 1~/50Hz

11. Main accessories inside the air conditioning unit:

Evaporator, blower, compressor, thermal expansion valve, high and low pressure controller, filter drier, microcomputer controller, flooded high-efficiency tank condenser, vapor-liquid separator.

12. Safety protection functions of the unit: phase sequence, phase loss protector, water flow protector, compressor, blower overload protector, system high and low voltage controller, compressor exhaust overheat protector.

The above accessories are in compliance with relevant national standards and regulations and factory acceptance standards.


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