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Environmental control solutions for industrial control rooms
release time:2021.12.03source:admin


        In order to ensure the high quality, high precision, high purity and high yield of products and equipment, the temperature and humidity of the ambient air need to be strictly controlled, and there are certain requirements for environmental cleanliness. Huikang constant temperature and humidity air conditioner is a high-quality product developed and designed by our company on the basis of introducing advanced technology. It fully considers the requirements of equipment and articles for temperature, humidity, and cleanliness. Compared with the combined air conditioner, it has the advantages of small installation space, convenient installation, various forms, high cleanliness, and low initial investment.

Application environment

        It has been widely used in laboratories, control rooms, archives, measurement rooms, food workshops, textile workshops, medical workshops, precision processing workshops and other places.

Operation control range

Indoor temperature and humidity control:

Temperature adjustment range: 18℃28℃±1℃,

Humidity adjustment range: 50%~70% RH±5~10%.