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Environmental control solutions for industrial electrical rooms
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        Huikang electric room air conditioner is a new generation of air conditioner products carefully developed by the company on the basis of learning from others. It integrates international and domestic advanced design concepts and refrigeration accessories. Each model has passed the company's national-level authorized and authorized experimental testing center. The test has the reputation of beautiful appearance, superior performance, convenient installation and maintenance, stability and reliability. The complete product series and model distribution can meet the needs of various users and are widely used in various industries such as steel plants, chemical plants, paper mills, printing plants, power plants, substations, food plants, clothing plants, and microelectronics plants. Fields and various electrical control rooms.

Structure and performance characteristics

1. The unit adopts a plate-and-frame assembly structure with a built-in frame (using 2.0mm and 3.0mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate bending and spraying outdoor plastic powder anti-corrosion treatment), and the outer shell is made of 1.0mm and 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate bending and spraying outdoor plastic powder anti-corrosion treatment, the inner wall is pasted with 15mm and 20mm thick insulation materials.

2. The installation of the compressor indoor unit adopts the fully enclosed flexible scroll compressor of the international famous brand, which has high quality, low noise and long life.

3. The finned heat exchanger of the indoor unit of the unit adopts high-quality and high-efficiency internally threaded copper pipes in series with hydrophilic film aluminum fins, adopts a new type of high-efficiency louver shape, two flanging processes, mechanical expansion, high heat exchange efficiency, and improves the plate The tube removes condensate water and heat exchange performance, and all exposed copper tubes are sprayed with resin paint for anti-corrosion treatment, which has a high anti-corrosion ability.

4. The fin heat exchanger of the outdoor unit of the unit adopts high-quality and high-efficiency heat exchange copper tubes in series with aluminum fins, adopts a new type of high-efficiency pitted or corrugated sheet shape, large spacing, two flanging processes, mechanical expansion of the tube, and high heat exchange efficiency , Strong dust resistance, all exposed copper pipes are sprayed with epoxy resin paint for anti-corrosion treatment, which has high anti-corrosion ability. Make the air conditioner adapt to various harsh environmental operating conditions.

5. The air-conditioning unit is equipped with an air filter, a double-layer nylon filter that can be washed repeatedly, and the initial filtration efficiency (large weight method and 65% efficiency) is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

6. The air-conditioning unit adopts galvanized steel plate to process the surface of the condensate water pan with a secondary coating of outdoor plastic powder anti-corrosion treatment. The water pan of the small unit is designed for positive pressure side drainage, and the water pan of the large unit is equipped with water seal components to avoid the fan suction and negative pressure. The drainage is not smooth, and there is no overflow or leakage in the water pan during operation.

7. The air-conditioning unit adopts imported brand external balance thermal expansion valve for throttling, mechanical adjustment elements, suitable for a wide temperature range, and stable and reliable throttling performance.

8. The air-conditioning unit system is equipped with a gas-liquid separator and a liquid reservoir, which fully considers the environment of spring, summer and autumn, so that the air conditioner can adapt to various harsh high-temperature or low-temperature operating conditions to ensure stable operation and reliable performance of the system.

9. Air-conditioning unit indoor unit blower small unit adopts high-efficiency, low-noise external rotor direct-drive centrifugal fan, maintenance-free, motor built-in over-temperature protector, safe and reliable; large unit adopts high-efficiency, low-noise belt-driven centrifugal fan, with low vibration, The noise is low, and it is matched with a motor with sufficient surplus power, which makes the fan operation safer and more reliable.

10. The fan of the outdoor unit of the air conditioning unit adopts a high-efficiency, low-noise axial fan. The motor adopts a high-fin aluminum alloy heat dissipation shell design. The motor has a built-in over-temperature protector to make the fan run safer and more reliable and adapt to various harsh environments.

11. The controller of the air-conditioning unit adopts single-chip microcomputer control, adopts the latest optimized logic fault two-level redundancy and intelligent control logic for screening indefinite control points; improves the stability and reliability of system control, and has a fully enclosed large LCD screen Wire control operator to avoid dust interference, full parameterization to facilitate query or setting of unit parameters, various faults have codes corresponding to the alarm display.

12. The outer surface of all copper materials inside the air-conditioning unit, including the copper tube at the end of the fin heat exchanger, the temperature sensing bulb of the expansion valve and the outer flat constant tube, the temperature sensing bulb of the switch and the connecting tube, the pressure gauge connecting copper tube, and the pressure The copper pipes connected to the switch, the outer surface of the ball valve angle valve and the exposed copper pipes of other additional accessories are sprayed with epoxy paint for anti-corrosion treatment. The product has high anti-corrosion ability, so that the air conditioner can adapt to various harsh environmental operating conditions.

13. Applicable power supply for electrical devices of air-conditioning unit:

AC three-phase 380V/ 3~/ 50Hz and single-phase 220V/ 1~/ 50Hz

14. Main accessories inside the air conditioning unit:

        Evaporator, blower, compressor, thermal expansion valve, high and low pressure switch, filter drier, microcomputer controller, condenser, condensing fan, vapor-liquid separator, accumulator, solenoid valve.

The above accessories are in compliance with relevant national standards and regulations and factory acceptance standards.