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Environmental control solutions for containers and prefabricated yards
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The container air conditioner is a special unit developed to meet the new requirements of excellent environment, superior performance and reliable life in the extension of the requirements of factory prefabrication and modularization in current energy, electricity, communications, sewage treatment, new retail and other industries. These industries need precise control of the temperature and humidity inside the container to meet unattended, automatic cooling, heat control and humidity management, and expansion of the air-conditioning system for the interconnection of data and information interoperability; also require the air conditioning system to have a variety of flexible structural form and wide climate adaptability, with high energy efficiency and excellent quality, to meet the application needs of users. HICON container air conditioners just meet the diversified needs of these industries.

Product Description

Refrigeration method: compressor refrigeration

Cooling capacity range: 2.5200kW

Function: refrigeration, heating, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, fresh air, slight positive pressure

Installation form: vertical cabinet type, ceiling type, horizontal type, ceiling type, wall type

Humidity mode: optional function, combined control of compressor and electric heating

Temperature control: temperature range: 18℃30℃, temperature sensitivity ±1℃ Humidity control: Humidity range: 40%70%, humidity sensitivity ±5%

Power supply requirements: 2-phase-AC220V-50/60Hz, 3-phase-AC380V480V-50/60Hz

Microcomputer controller: Chinese/English LCD text controller

Protection function: high pressure, low pressure protection, exhaust temperature protection, overcurrent protection

Refrigerant type: R22, R407C, R134a, R410A

Environment range: -35℃+55℃, high temperature design can reach 65℃ 


High energy efficiency ratio

The product adopts a high-efficiency fully enclosed rotor compressor, an extremely stable external balance thermal expansion valve, and a high-efficiency heat exchanger with strong environmental adaptability. After a large number of experimental tests, the product has a higher energy efficiency ratio and meets the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction.

High sensible heat ratio

In a relatively closed container space, the operation of high-density electronic and electrical equipment releases a large amount of sensible heat. According to this situation, the air conditioner is carefully designed with large air volume and small enthalpy difference, with a sensible heat ratio of more than 85%, making the room unable to maintain quickly perform environmental cooling in dry conditions.

Heating function

When the container is used in cold regions, a small amount of heating operation is required in winter. The container air conditioner can provide the stainless steel winding fin tube electric heating heating capacity, which has the advantages of no attenuation of heat generation, stability and reliability, and no environmental conditions.

Hot and cold dual function

The container air conditioner has a unique cooling and heating independent preset temperature control function, and each control temperature can be set separately. The air conditioner automatically performs mode switching operation according to the indoor temperature unmanned control.

Dehumidification function

When the container is used in the South, Southeast Asia, or near the rivers and seas, the surrounding environment will have high humidity and high humidity will inevitably occur in the container. The container air conditioner is reserved with extended professional-level deep dehumidification function, which can be achieved by adding humidity sensors and electric heaters.

Low temperature refrigeration

Energy and power containers generate high heat internally and need to be cooled throughout the year. Refrigeration and air conditioning are designed to match the summer temperature. Cooling operation in the transitional season and winter environment will seriously endanger the life of the unit. For this reason, the container air conditioner has been specially designed. Increase the countermeasure accessories, so that the product can be stable and reliable cooling operation in cold environments.

Emergency ventilation

The equipment density in the energy and power container is high, and the air conditioning space is small. When the installed capacity cannot be used, the container air conditioner can be extended to provide emergency ventilation module functions. The air conditioner can realize automatic failure chain control and realize emergency safety processing.

Two-machine switching

The dual-machine switching function is suitable for air conditioning applications in some remote places and important uninterrupted scenes. For safety reasons, users will adopt the design of main machine plus standby machine, which can realize automatic alternate cooling operation of two machines, and also has the function of automatically putting into standby machine operation at peak time , to meet the needs of energy saving and high safety.

Microcomputer control

The container air conditioner adopts a large-screen LCD text controller specially developed to achieve high readability and maintainability. It can switch between Chinese and English, navigation menu-style user interface, operating parameters, setting parameters, port status is highly readable, and excellent human-computer interaction skills, high safety and reliability of the microcomputer controller, with strong anti-interference ability and EMC compatibility, the surface of the controller is coated with three-proof paint in accordance with the IPC-CC-830B standard, which can effectively prevent moisture, salt spray, and weak acid , the weak alkali erodes the controller, and the controller's powerful function drive ability and communication port can realize the remote centralized monitoring data exchange ability of the multi-unit network.

Rainproof ability

The container air conditioner is an integral product. The outdoor side enclosure adopts an integrated box structure design. After the flange is sealed and fixed, it will not be afraid of wind and rain entering the outdoor heat dissipation cavity, completely avoiding the worry of rainwater entering the container, and meeting the IP65 standard capability.

Lightning protection capability

Air-conditioning control has passed EMC strict specifications, has excellent resistance to 4 kV power supply and signal pulses and surges, and has good lightning protection capabilities. Additional accessories can also be installed to meet the lightning protection and overvoltage protection in YD 5098-2005 ability;

Sea and land adaptability

The container air conditioner is divided into two series for land use and marine use according to the user's use occasion. The excellent general structure design only needs to change the material and surface anti-corrosion technology of the sheet metal of the air conditioner and the heat exchanger, and replace the IP65 rated heat dissipation fan to adapt to the marine resistance corrosion and weatherproof ability.

Fully automatic fault diagnosis

The container air conditioner has a variety of automatic fault diagnosis and hierarchical self-processing functions, Chinese/English alarm fault description display, and can be transmitted to the remote monitoring unit through the communication port, so that the maintenance personnel can know the fault location at a glance, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.

Remote monitoring  

The unit provides RS-485 communication interface, which can communicate with the host computer for remote monitoring and management. It has two control modes, local and remote, and has three-way function:

Through testing: with remote detection of temperature and humidity in the computer room.

Communication: remotely read air conditioner operating status parameters and fault information.

General control: It can remotely control the switch of the air conditioner and the setting of related parameters.

Auto start after power failure

In order to adapt to the unstable situation of the power grid in China's urban, rural or wild power grids, the power-off auto-start function is specially designed. When the power is turned on again soon after a sudden power outage, the unit will remember and maintain the air conditioner's operating state before the power outage and automatically start operation.

Quality assurance and safety certification

The design, development, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service of container air-conditioning products are carried out in full accordance with the ISO9001 international quality certification system. Each component of the product is strictly inspected before installation, and each unit is subject to strict quality inspection before leaving the factory.

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